Trick Photography and Special Effects Review

Trick Photo Book Review


If you have a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) Camera, you are probably interested in how you can use it to its maximum effect.

The good news is that even the cheapest DSLR incorporates a single lens design which means that exactly what you see in the viewfinder is what you will get recorded in the photograph.

With manual settings to change shutter speeds, light levels and lens configurations then you have all the basic equipment you need to get started in trick photography.



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 Light Painting

Light Painting is one technique that Evan Sharboneau explores heavily in his trick photography book and video series. You can achieve some spectacular results with it once you know the secrets, including balls of light, rooms seeming to be alive with sparks of electricity and people appearing to have trails of light emanating from them.

Interestingly, like most of the techniques in this book these images are relatively easy to produce and often simply involve changing the shutter speed settings on your DSLR so that more light is captured.

Because more light is being captured, it has the effect of creating what appear to be trails of light in the photographs. This means that you can create what seem to be slightly hallucinogenic images where light blends into light and objects appear as though they have a halo effect around them.

This is very commonly used, for example, in nighttime shots of roads, where cars can be made to appear as though they have a trail of light running continuously behind them.

Simple Techniques and TwistsStar Man photo

One of the great things about a book like Evan’s is that he takes these simple techniques and then shows you how to add little twists to them to dramatically improve the results that you get.

Coloured Lights

With light painting, for example, this can be as simple as using different colored lights, or combining different colors together so that when you see the image on your camera’s screen it has a totally different effect. You can also include natural light sources, such as candles, in your photographs, and by manipulating the shutter speed make the flame seem longer or shorter.

Aperture Settings

In addition the aperture settings (which is how wide the lens of the camera is set to) can also be manipulated to create some surprising effects.

66% Without Photoshop

Interestingly, while Photoshop is a part of trick photography and does help to make certain effects easier to produce, it is by no means No Photoshop Requiredabsolutely essential if you want to create some quite amazing effects.

In truth, only about a third of Evan Sharboneau’s book actually needs you to have access to Photoshop. About two-thirds of the effects he describes can be achieved simply with a DSLR and often a few other cheap ingredients like lights of various colors and types.

All You Need

If you have a DSLR camera and tripod,  together with the great instruction package of Trick Photography and Special Effects by Evan Sharboneau, then you have everything you need to start creating some amazing special effects that your friends will all gasp at and wonder how the hell you made them!

If you are interested in trick photography and producing some surprising images then you should check out Evan’s Trick Photography Book and see what photos you can create!

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