Photography Video Tutorials

When you read about photography techniques and tips, it can sometimes be difficult to fully understand what is being said. This is where photography video tutorials come in. With these videos, you will be able to gain a better understanding about what is being taught, by having a visual aid to watch how it is done.Photo Grass Legs man

Videos with Multiple Topics

When you are assessing the videos you find, it will be important to pay attention to what they cover. What you will find is that some basic videos will briefly touch on a variety of topics, but require you to view another video if you want to fully understand and be able to use the concept that is being presented.

Videos Dedicated to a Single Concept

A good idea will be to find a series of videos that are structured to provide you with clear and complete information about a single concept. After watching a video you should be able to immediately start practising what you have learned from the video.

The presenter of the video should be someone who maintains your interest and offers a detailed look at some of the most important areas of photography. Evan Sharboneau is one such presenter.

Library of Unique Techniques

To get lifetime access to a well organised library of creative photography techniques, consider Evan’s Trick Photography and Special Effects e-book and online video course , which teaches the camera skills used to create creative images just like these ones.

Creative Images


Know Your Terminology in Advance

Typically, the videos you end up watching will anticipate that you have some of the basic terminology in the world of photography. Because of that, it will be essential that you study up on these terms before watching the films available. Here are just some of the terms you should know.Many Hands Photo

  • DSLR  – This is a digital version of the single lens reflex camera. You will have a viewfinder available and it allows you to see what the sensor will capture if you take a picture.
  • F Number  – Also known as an F stop, it offers a measurement that helps to determine the relative aperture of the lens.
  • Aperture – A term that is used to describe the amount of light that falls into  the lens. It is typically measured in F stops.
  • ISO  – This is a term that refers to the International Standards Organization. It is the sensitivity of color negative film or the digital camera sensor.

Understand that Learning Takes Time

No matter how many times you go through the different photography video tutorials, you most likely won’t pick up on everything they have to offer. Instead, you will need to be prepared to watch the film several times to fully grasp what information is being presented.

By doing that, you will notice a shift in the quality of the photographs that you produce. What you will discover is that over time, your dedication to this craft will start to shine in your photographs and before you know it, people will be talking about the stunning photographs you have taken.

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