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In so many areas of our lives,  whether career or hobby, the internet has become a source of  education.

For those wanting to improve their photos or create artistic images there are over 176 digital photography tutorials available. Room Filled with Dollars

This leaves us with the task of sifting through the offerings to find a course that actually delivers by passing on valuable and workable knowledge in the field of photography.

This is of great  importance when you make the decision to purchase a digital photography tutorial to help you master your craft.

As you shop around for the ideal tutorial, there are certain factors that you should use as measuring tools as you check out and assess each program.

Here are a few things you can use to help you determine if a course is worth purchasing.

Methods of Learning

A good digital photography tutorial will first of all be centered on the passing on of concepts rather than just procedures. This will allow you to apply the concepts irrespective of the digital camera or lens that you use.

This will be demonstrated to the learners in a practical hands-on manner with the use of visual demonstrations in the videos.

These demonstrations must be well organized, flow well and easy to follow. The aim is to get the learner (you) to watch how it is done, and to follow each step as the lesson progresses.

Orb on Dark road

A good digital photography course will offer support material such as eBooks. The learners will be able to take their time to peruse the material, and read up on anything that they may have not grasped as readily as they would have liked to.

Using Practical ObjectsSteel Wool Tools

A good tutorial will take a practical approach to the activities the learners are asked to carry out. For example, the lessons on light and contrast can be taught using any DSLR and household objects. This allows the learner to get the items together and follow each step as they are demonstrated in the video.

No Photoshop

A tutorial that is really meant to help you develop your skills to a professional level will not teach you to rely on Photoshop to achieve the desired results. The techniques and concepts explained should teach you how to manipulate your equipment and the lighting conditions to get the right exposure.  

The methods mentioned here will help you to determine if the tutorial was put together by someone who is a true expert in the trade. If your aim is to become a professional, you cannot rely on cheap tricks and short cuts to get you there. Photography is an art and deserves to be treated as such.

Digital cameras have made it very possible for just about anyone, even a child to shoot a good photograph, but while an untrained eye will agree that the photograph looks good, a professional knows better.

You do not need to be a professional to choose a digital photography tutorial that is of good value and will help improve your skills.

Evan Sharboneau’s “Trick Photography and Special Effects” course is a dynamic course that comes complete with a 50 video library and an eBook. Each video  focuses on a single subject, and altogether gives a total of 9 hours of expert tuition.


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