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Just Taking Pictures ?

Although some might think of photography as simply taking pictures, a great deal goes into taking an outstanding photograph. Before getting started as a photographer, it is essential that you go over some photography tips, so that you are aware of the intricacies of taking these photos.

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 One of the first things that you should learn about is the aperture. This is fundamental for every photographer because it is the opening on the lens that allows light into the camera’s sensor.

As a result, this is what controls how much light passes through as you take a picture, which has a major impact on the image’s quality. Letting too much or too little light through while taking the picture can run an image very quickly, so you must be certain that you have the correct lens on the camera.

The aperture of a camera is measured in f-numbers.levitate

  • Lenses with narrow openings have a higher f-number, such as f/16 or f/18, while wider openings come with a lower number like f/3.2.

If your camera has a zoom lens, it will have two numbers.

  • One is the narrowest possible opening;
  • While the other is the largest possible opening that you can reach.

Try to purchase a lens with the lowest number possible, as this gives you the most range when taking your photographs. This and other photography tips are found in Evan Sharboneau’s photography book.

The following photograph is an example of how Sharboneau is able to use light to create a special image. In this photo, he creates an almost cartoon-like scene of a pepper falling into a pool of water. This technique is something that you can learn about, as the author explains it in a manner that any photographer can understand.

 Pepper Splash Photo


Most newer cameras are DSLR models, which means that the film has been replaced by digital photography. These cameras still use the same styles of lenses, but they have a much wider range of apertures than other digital cameras. This is another thing to consider, especially if you wish to take trick photography.

Learn Photography

 When learning about photography, it is always a good idea to find the most knowledgeable people around to help you out along the way. For many, that means attending a class at a local university to learn about the process. This, however, can cost a great deal of money, so it is sometimes a better idea to invest in a great how-to guide.Photo Grass Legs man

Video Tution

One location to find these tips is through a Trick Photography and Special Effects eBook and online video course that was written by Evan Sharboneau. These videos and the book  are  full of information and will help you to take pictures that people will truly enjoy.

Everthing You Need to Know

This tuition, by Evan Sharboneau,goes over everything that you could possibly need to learn about photography and puts it out there in easy to understand terms. In particular, the library of 50 videos shows you how to take trick photographs and create special effects, which are things that you will not learn in most beginner’s classes. Overall, this is a great course that will teach you some outstanding photography techniques.


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