Photography Special Effects

Adding special effects to a photo can take that photo from boring to phenomenal!

No Special EquipmentEiffel Tower in Hand

Using cool effects can be a lot of fun and can really allow you to take your skills as a photographer to a completely new level. Many techniques are easy to use and don’t require the use of special equipment.

Other special effects may require some equipment and the right photo editing program. The good news is that there are great effects for everyone, no matter what your photography skill level may be. Here is a look at some of the fun tricks and photography special effects that you may want to try out yourself.

 Effect #1 – Forced Perspective

More than likely you’ve seen some photos that use forced perspective. For example, you may have seen a photo of someone holding the moon or roping the moon. Perhaps you’ve seen a photo of someone holding the Eiffel Tower. Obviously, no one is roping the moon or holding the Eiffel Tower, these special effects are created by the photographer by something known as forced perspective. This is all about creating an optical illusion by using unique positioning techniques when taking the photo. It’s relatively easy to do and all about creativity, so have fun trying out this cool photography trick.

 Effect #2 – Light PaintingRed OrB Man

Another of the great special effects that you may want to try is light painting. When this effect is used, the photos turn out to be incredible. In fact, many photos end up looking like works of art.

To create this effect, you start out with a good tripod for your camera. While the photo is being taken, you use light to paint throughout the picture, creating unique designs for a great photo. This takes quite a bit of practice and experimentation. However, the work can pay off big time when you create your own unique light painting masterpieces.

 One example of light painting is in this image. As you can see, the light is used to create a “painting” effect all around the man within the photo. In most cases, you need a long exposure to capture all this light. Once you’re done, you may be stunned at the image you have created from something that may have been simply ordinary without the “light painting.”

 Effect #3 – Levitation Photography

Have you ever seen a photo where the subject is floating midair? These photos are exciting and aren’t as difficult to create as you might think. While you can literally try capturing an object while it’s in their air, it’s actually easier to use photo editing programs to adjust the image so it looks like it is levitating in the air.

Floating Banana

It might take a bit of practicing, but you’ll soon learn to create photos that look like the object is actually levitating, even though you have edited it to look that way.

 For example, in this photo, it looks like fruit is levitating in the air after being sliced. Obviously, this didn’t happen, but it creates a stunning image that captures the eye and makes viewers do a double-take when they view the photo.

 Learning how to create photography special effects can be both fun and exciting. While you shouldn’t expect to become have perfect results right away, once you learn the techniques and spend some time practicing, you’ll be creating these special photos in no time with great results.


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