Mistress of Light

DPS BookIf you want to know how to do better photography, you need to know about Amy Renfrey.

Ms. Renfrey discovered the one thing that made a difference in her own pictures. Knowing this can help you master your own images in ways you never dreamed of. First, though, you need to know that:

Amy Renfrey is:

  • a self-taught photographer
  • a sought after professional who has shot breathtaking images
  • a teacher who desires every single student to master what she knows

 Why Follow Amy’s Methods?

There are many people who would love to take their black and white photography and make it really pop. They try over and over again to capture dramatic moments. Their images come out flat gray scale. They wonder what the heck they did wrong.

Amy has been there. Years of pictures she took were ordinary. Then one day she came across a truth that revolutionized how she approached taking pictures. After some time of applying this truth to her own work, she realized that so many others could benefit from what she discovered. The Secret is ….


  • SO simple.
  • SO easy.
  • SO revolutionary.

The trick to better photography is not a more expensive camera, or a wider range of lenses, or even fancy filters and digital processing. The trick is something that professionals do not like to share. Even so, once you hear what it is, you will realize that Ms. Renfrey has a lot to teach you.

Hundreds of People Have Mastered it Already

Color, HD, or black and white photography, the trick is the same for all cases.

Amy Renfrey even says exactly what it is when she talks about her ebooks. Forget what you know about taking photos and toss out the wisdom that you must have the best gear to get professional images. You only need to know one thing to get started.

 Are You Ready?

If you want to know what Amy can teach you, you are in the right place. She is a professional who has captured world-class images of landscapes, famous people, and even special events like weddings. Once more, she believes you can do it too.

All You Need is…

  • A Great subject
  • Imagination

Taking your skills to the next level of better photography should not be hard. If Amy can do it, and she has, then following her guidelines you can do it too. Every image you capture can be stunning. Amy can show you how to make the most of any situation to get the right light.

Amy can teach you everything you need to know in simple, clear language. Her two ebooks have already helped thousands of people just like you to master the use of light in their images to make them move from the realm of “okay” to “WOW.”


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