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Multiple Learning Options

Those who are looking to learn photography have multiple options to consider before they begin. If you have the time to go through with a photography course, this is a good way to learn because you will receive hands-on instruction and will have someone physically show you how to take professional looking photos.Jumping Cat
If you do not have the time to take a course, you can learn the process through a book or how-to guide. While this will not provide you with personal instruction, many of these guides are extremely well written and will inform you of everything that you need to know before you start.


The best guides include both:

Some  Photography Terms to Know

No matter which method you use to learn photography, you will have to learn some basic terms. For example, DSLR stands for digital single-lens reflex camera.DSLR cameras are a great tool for photographers because they do not use a viewfinder. This means that you are looking directly through the lens when you take a picture, so you can see exactly what will be captured. These cameras also come with a digital screen, so yo

Aperture is another term that you will have to learn, as it is the opening on the lens of the camera. You will need different sized openings for different picture types, so it is important that you are aware of the lens that you require for your intended use. The Aperture is represented by the f-number, which you will see on the lens. The higher the f-number, the narrower the opening in the lens will be.

Trick PhotographyMan Floating in Air

Another thing that you might want to learn about is trick photography, as it is a fun way to create unique scenes with your camera.

  •  To learn photography of this type  invest in a guide that shows a great deal about trick photography;
  • A guide by Evan Sharboneau shows some outstanding examples of trick photography and;
  • Informs you about how to create these effects with your camera.

A great example of trick photography can be found in the following photo:

Invisible Boy on a Chopper

In this example, the photographer has made it look like an invisible person is riding a bike. This photo by Sharboneau is possible to create if you have the right information. Once you know how to do it, creating your unique scenes like this one will be much easier.

Learning on Your Terms

While there is no wrong way to learn photography, you should make sure that the learning process is enjoyable.

If you do not want to attend classes or undergo the stress of being marked on your assignments, it might be wise to skip the classroom route and go with a guide.

These online guides, such as the one by Evan Sharboneau, are inexpensive and available in Video and eBook form, so you can download it immediately and start learning. The key is to find an easy to understand guide like this one because it makes it simple to begin creating your own photographic scenes immediately.



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