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Fro Knows PhotoIf you are interested in photography then one great website that you should check out is the blog which is written by Jared Polin.

Jared Polin himself is a professional photographer who has produced work for big publications like Spin Magazine and Rolling Stone and so all of the advice that he offers about photography is based in real-world experiences.

I Shoot Raw

Jared Polin has created a whole brand identity for himself and his website in the form of a catchy slogan, “I Shoot RAW”, and if you visit his website you will find a  whole range of merchandise for sales that includes hats, t-shirts, hoodies and even wristbands!

What Can Jared Teach Me ?

From an educational perspective though, the main photography product that Jared Polin offers is his “Beginner Guide DVD” program which retails for a reasonable price and which comes complete on two downloadable DVDs. You can download them digitally, or should you prefer, get the DVD’s posted to you.

  1. The first of these DVDs offers a combination of advice from four different photo shoots that were run by Jared and three hours of instruction about how to become a better photographer.
  2. The second of these DVDs then takes much of the information that was on the first disk and changes its format to allow you to play the contents on tablets like the iPad and also on smart devices as well as directly on your computer.

Overall, the aim of this program is to start from first principles and then to build on that knowledge until you are really starting to capture the world around you in your photographs.

Photographic Terms Explained

In order to accomplish that goal Jared starts out by helping to explain some of the different terminology that many people find confusing when they first embark on exploring photography.

Manual Camera Settings

He then builds on that foundation by demonstrating the different parts of a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) Camera, and how changing the settings can dramatically alter the photos that you take.

This is a great part of this program, because it literally takes you step by step through the camera, and gives you the confidence to move out of “Auto Mode” on your camera, and instead embrace the creative freedom that comes from manually changing the settings for each photograph.

Setting up a Shoot

The course that Jared Polin has put onto DVD also includes a good part of the information from the residential Boot Camp that he has run in the past. So, in a very real sense, it allows the beginner to get access to the same level of knowledge as he previously taught for thousands of dollars.

One of the unique things about this course is that it also includes footage from four real-world shoots, so you get to see exactly how a shoot is structured, and the different considerations that need to go into setting one up.

Different Types of Shoot

There are four different shoots, so it also means that you get to see the differences between shoots and how you might alter an element (such as the lighting for example) based on the actual conditions on the day.

If you are interested in becoming a better photographer then Jared Polin is definitely a good man to take advice from. Not only has he actually achieved real-world success with his photography, he is also willing to tell you exactly how he did it!



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