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DPS BookFinding a  digital photography tutorial isn’t so difficult.

You have search engines at your disposal that can help you discover various forms of digital photography material. Providing that you have a digital camera to work with, you can learn photography on your own with the aid of tips and tricks available on the Internet.

But if you are after quality content, you may have to look harder or perhaps go for paid material. There are photography eBooks, video tutorials and even online crash courses.

Paying for these types of learning avenues separately can be pricey especially if they come from different sources. It is better to go for a more unified package presented by a group or individual that has tons of experience in photography.

Digital Photography Success is an example of such a package and the value makes this one of the more tempting offerings.


The best way to evaluate a photography program is to understand the individual or group behind the program. Fortunately, the Digital Photography Success makes a good first impression as the program is backed by professional digital photographer and teacher Amy Renfrey. The sample photographs shown on her portfolio speak for themselves.


The great thing about Digital Photography Success is that the package isn’t just one giant digital photography tutorial. It is more of an experience that will bring up the very basics of photography as well as its many branches.

In one area, you will find get some quality information on how to improve your wildlife photography while another area tackles things like landscape photography. You pretty much get all the information in a friendly package so you don’t have to scour the Internet and bookmark multiple professional photography websites.

Various professional techniques are exposed as well and you can apply them to any type of situation. Exposure techniques, for instance, can be used to take better macro shots or capture great landscape subjects.


The main elements of the package consist of two eBooks – Digital Photography Success and Advanced Digital Photography and a series of tutorial videos. Both of these eBooks are well-written and newbie friendly and the videos show how it’s done.

Any person that has spare time to practice and learn photography should be able to gradually improve his or her skills. The guide doesn’t even require you to buy an advanced camera because the guide believes that any camera can take great photos if you know how to work with light.

But new photography techniques are uncovered by photographers every now and then.

The Digital Photography Success package can deliver fresh new content as well through the Focus eMagazine.  Each issue available in PDF offers plenty more digital photography tutorial articles and sample photos to get inspired. Topics outside photography are covered as well including software tutorials like Corel Draw.

The Digital Photography Success package is simply great value. There are plenty of bundled freebies as well ranging from exposure charts to abstract photography. Once you have the package, you do not have to look elsewhere to learn photography.


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